Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement – Cicero Veritas Qualis

Ethics, Truth, Quality

Digimark™  is not simply a business success tool. We change lives. Business owners all across the country are achieving the success they need to lead successful, financially affluent, and immensely comfortable lifestyles. We are not just in the marketing industry; we are in the life-changing industry. Digimark™ is a North American company dedicated to expert service. We are committed to serving our clients’ specific needs and over-delivering quality, service, and expertise. We operate with ethics to equip our clients to achieve their goals. When our clients succeed, we succeed. When our clients are satisfied, we are satisfied. We are DigiMark™, and connecting professionals to customers is our business. Connecting people is what we do.

Data Collection: Digimark maintains a dedicated internal staff that closely monitors all data collection to assure that all Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), and IUC regulations are closely adhered to. Primary data collection is achieved through thorough primary research, direct data feeds from retailers, and various third party-sources. This data is then collected and re-analyzed by our adherent US-based Research Center. For more information, view our Privacy Policy.