Digimark™ is North America's pacesetter in lead generation. Connecting professionals to customers is our business. Connecting people is what we do.

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Digimark™  is not simply a business success tool. We change lives. Business owners all across the country are achieving the success they need to lead successful, financially affluent, and immensely comfortable lifestyles. We are not just in the marketing industry; we are in the life-changing industry.


Digimark™ is committed to generating consistent lead generation service, marketing service, and sales training. We service the corporate, small business, entrepreneurial, and self-employment sectors, delivering expert service of the highest quality.


In short -  we have exclusive access to technology which sifts through a living, growing, and relevant consumer databases to isolate and dispense relevant consumer data to our clients.

Digimark™ is a professional lead generation firm and direct consulting agency. We specialize in professional, expert, reliable, and enthusiastic client service and connecting our clients to the people they need to make their businesses succeed.

Our Mission Statement – Cicero Veritas Qualis
Ethics, Truth, Quality

Our motto is Cicero Veritas Qualis;  Ethics, Truth, & Quality. These are the pillars of how Digimark™ does business.

First we believe in an ethical code of practices with our data collection as well as with our clients. This ensures that the people you talk to, want to talk to you and genuinely want your services.

Secondly truth establishes a standard wherein Digimark™ is transparent and consistent with you, the client. There are no hidden fees, no back-room dealings, and no quick-buy regrets. Every success tool our clients purchase, they purchase intentionally and with transparency.

Last but not least, Digimark™ is dedicated to continued professionalism, quality, and expertise in marketing, sales, and procurement. We have years of experience in making business and personal dreams come true.


Our Services

You need a service provider that provides you with lead generation, marketing, and service.

Digimark™ is dedicated to ethical, efficient, and Professional service.

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Our Clients Include

  • Carpet cleaner
  • DC, RMT
  • Dentist
  • Electrician
  • Pool and Spa

  • Funeral home
  • Insurance
  • Junk Removal
  • Landscaping
  • Window and Door

  • Limosine
  • Mortgage
  • Pest Control
  • Plumbing
  • And So Many More

This list is not exclusive. If you do not see your industry listed above, chances are we have experience serving your industry.

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